The Gypsy Grip Movie


The Gypsy Grip: The Life and Times of Chunky Huse

"There is no such thing as a bad film. Once people understand what it takes to bring even the smallest film to life, only then will they realize that movies are truly magical." - Walter "Chunky" Huse

  My name is Trevor Rice. My partners Marc Rice, Derrick Brown and Brendan King have been bestowed the honor of documenting the life and times of Walter "Chunky" Huse. Join us in telling his story. In the middle is the link to our PayPal website where we are accepting donations to help film the story of this man's amazing life. Browse the website to learn who we are and our relationship with Chunky. Please forward our website to anyone you think would be interested in helping us tell his story. Time is of the essence. Thank you so much for your time and support!

                                          See you at the movies,
                                                     Trevor S. Rice